The Ultimate Fantasy Leagues

Do you love playing in fantasy sports leagues? From football to MMA and everything in between. How would you feel about making money having the Ultimate Fantasy Leagues site, where people come to you to create their own league.


The Ultimate Fantasy Leagues Plugin is an easily accessible site for all users.

Simple, flexible, and designed to make YOU money. This plugin supports any language and is used around the world. It is used for many purposes, not only for Fantasy Football Software. Use it for ANY niche! It is the Ultimate Fantasy Sports Plugin.


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Why The Fantasy Leagues Plugin is Right for You!


The hottest topic in Social Media is Social Gaming, getting your members to compete with each other and socialize on your site while they do it. This plugin connects players to each other so they play against each other. There is absolutely NO risk to you!
This Fantasy Sports Module gives your members the chance to spend their credits competing in Daily Tournaments and Contests involving predictions of outcomes of Sporting Events. Sports games such as NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA Basketball and Football, Soccer, Golf, Drag Racing and even MMA. Great fun for everyone! Keep your visitors engaged on your site with an extremely exciting Fantasy Sports game and make money on the biggest sports niche today.
This awesome Fantasy Sports Plug-in is open source under GPLv2 and considered “Service Ware” as defined by, meaning you are free to change the code of the plug-in to your own liking. You do NOT have to contribute your changes back to the community. Your changes are yours to make and keep.
What are you waiting for?
Create your own fantasy football or any sport league with this Fantasy Sports Software.
Get our basic Plug-in that allows you to administer any fantasy sports game.
Use it for any niche, not just sports!